Based on your personal goals, assets, and family circumstances, we craft and put into place a highly customized legal plan to ensure that  if something were to happen to you  your minor children would be protected, your loved ones would avoid court and conflict, and your final wishes would be carried out. 

We deliver far more than just a set of legal documents.  Our holistic and personal approach to planning for the unknown supports you in living your life with more clarity, intention, and focus on what's most meaningful to you.  



Hopefully, you’ll always be there for your minor children  loving them, raising them, and watching them mature into happy, fulfilled adults.


But if you can’t be, our enhanced child protection plan ensures that they will ALWAYS  both in the short and long term  remain in the hands of those who would nurture and love them unconditionally, and bring them up with the same values you would.



If compelled to choose which assets they feel most strongly about passing down to their loved ones, most people would choose their belief system, values, and memories over their bank accounts, cars, and real property. Yet most estate plans ignore these priceless personal legacies altogether.

Not us. As part of every plan, we document these intangible assets and, every three years, with our free plan review, we add to your "Legacy Library." The way we practice, the planning process today truly benefits generations to come.



Those of us who have the pleasure of living with animals know that they truly are members of our family.  Yet, without proper planning, they can easily end up in shelters. Or, they may be taken in by friends and family who may be unable or unwilling to cover the costs of food, grooming, and veterinary care, especially if your pet lives long and develops chronic medical conditions. 


Establishing a pet trust, however, will ensure that your fur babies will always be cared for in the way you want, for the rest of their lives.



For many, it is a source of great pride and joy to be able to pass down to our loved ones the assets that we've worked hard to acquire and grow. From family homes to extensive real estate portfolios, and from brokerage accounts to multi-million dollar businesses, we want to ensure that our heirs reap the benefits of our labor – not their ex-spouses, creditors, and predators. 

During the planning process, we can build in extra layers of protection to ensure that these assets are protected for the benefit of those we love.



Families caring for children with special needs face a unique set of circumstances and want to ensure that their loved ones are provided for and protected when they are no longer able or alive to care for them. 


By establishing a special needs trust, we can assist you in appointing a trusted guardian and/or trustee to look after your children with special needs, as well as pass on your financial assets in a beneficial manner that enables them to live a quality life without putting into peril their eligibility for government benefits.