Meaningful Connection

We're a law practice but first and foremost, we are people who understand how precious life and loved ones are.  All that we do here at Seven Generations Law is focused on supporting your leaving behind a conscious, clear legacy of love and protection for generations to come.

You're more than a client, and we're more than your lawyer.  To serve you and your family in the truest sense, to be your trusted advisor, means understanding your values, priorities, and wishes for yourself and your loved ones.  To foster that connection, we take time at the outset of your Life + Legacy Planning Session to share family stories, personal hobbies, and interests.  Building a foundational relationship enables us to guide you through the legal life and legacy planning process and beyond in the most fruitful and meaningful way.

Exceptional Service

Lawyers don't always get the best rap.  It's true, some see their clients as dollar signs and try to ratchet up their fees through excessive hourly billing.  Other lawyers take on so many clients that they're simply unable to provide them with quality service and attention to detail.  And still others rely so heavily on templates and forms that they fail to offer any tailor-made solutions that give clients anything more than barebone solutions.

Not Seven Generations Law.  Our practice was founded on the conviction that every adult  particularly those with minor children  should have a customized, thoughtful plan in place to keep their loved ones safe and out of court and conflict.  We take on just a few clients a month so that we're able to consistently provide first-class service. And to ensure that your plans stay up to date as laws change, assets grow, children mature, and family dynamics shift, we offer a free plan review every three years  so your documents actually work when needed.

Client-Centered Approach

Life is hectic between work, meetings, traffic, social commitments, grocery shopping, dog walks, and trying to squeeze in a workout or catch up on the news.  And if you have little (or not so little) ones, five minutes to yourself can often feel like a wild pipedream.

That's why we meet virtually, and also set aside time each month for evening and weekend Life + Legacy Planning Sessions.   Being busy should never get in the way of meaningful planning for you and your loved ones.

Oh, and we work exclusively on a flat fee basis.  You'll always know exactly what you're getting charged, and you'll never get a surprise bill in your inbox or mailbox.  We encourage you to ask as many questions and provide as much information as necessary to ensure that your completed plan and legacy interview meaningfully reflect your legal goals and personal values.  Your loved ones deserve it.

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